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Engineer by trade. Have lost alot of weight and now on a plateau. About 7 - 10 away from my ideal, but after loosing 75, its hard to care about that last little bit. ;)

Mea Culpa

I just realized this after noon while building the shower door that I never followed up with more about my run. Apologies all around folks. I do still have my running number, which I’ll display in that post, and a … Continue reading

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An interview with Mr Luis Bruno

So part of the reason I’ve been silent recently is the fact I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. Not for weight loss or living healthy, but putting things down in written form. But that doesn’t really help you, our readers. … Continue reading

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Financial Fitness : combining finances

This is something I’ve posted elsewhere as comments, but thought I would aggregate the ideas here as a good reference document. And of course my disclosure: I’m married and we have combined funds. There are pages upon pages information on … Continue reading

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Quite respectable 23:55

Well I’m dropping something down to let y’all know how it went. Don’t worry I’ll try to give more details in another post, as well as a picture of my number. But ya, I broke 24 minutes. That wasn’t an … Continue reading

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Pre-race night.

Hey all. So tomorrow is the race. I’ve got to say, I’m getting excited. Nervous ya, cause I haven’t raced in a long time. But excited too. When I ran yesterday to keep loose, per the Ipod I was hitting … Continue reading

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