Current Weight: 197.5

I have a hard time drinking enough water and logging my caloric intake on weekends. I like FitDay, because it lets you go back days and fill in the blanks. Of course, hindsight is 200 calories lighter…

I played racquetball over the weekend with my wife, and we’re looking at whether or not to buy some roller blades (or inline skates, as they’re apparently called now). I skated a little a few years ago, but only had cheapo $20 Wal-Mart skates; my wife has never bladed. Any tips on what to look for when purchasing blades?

Also, I thought I’d see what that myspace thing is all about, and set up an account at I’m not getting what all the fuss is about, but maybe I just haven’t messed with it enough yet. First thing I’d like to do is automatically post my blog entries to the myspace blog, but apparently that’s not something myspace endorses. Any ideas? Anyone have interesting fitness uses for myspace?

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